Upon my return from church just a few minutes ago, I was greeted with one of the best smells in the world–something simmering in the crock pot. This morning, it’s apple sauce–something I’ve never made before but resolved to try the other day after my husband brought back some Gala apples for me when he had to run to the store. Galas are ok, but they’re not my favorite eating apples (that honor goes to Pink Ladies, oh how I love them), so I thought I’d try something different with them. The funny part is, after I clicked around the internet a bit I found out that apple sauce is supposedly better with different varieties of apples…so what was supposed to be a simple idea to use what I had ended up requiring another trip to the store to buy some more apples!

So, here’s my version of apple sauce, cobbled together from reading several others online:

Peel and chunk several apples.


Apples all chunked up and ready to cook

I used 2 enormous Jonagolds, 1 large Honeycrisp, 1 Gala, and 3 small Granny Smiths. Throw them in the crock pot with the juice of one lemon, 1/4 cup of water (EDIT–if you use that much lemon juice you probably don’t need this much water) a couple of strips of lemon peel, a spoonful of (brown) sugar (get the song playing in your head..), a sprinkle of cinnamon, and a dash of vanilla.


This is just a gratuitous image to show off my pretty new Crock Pot (filled with apples, of course). Yay wedding presents!

Cook on low for 6 or so hours.  Smash as much as you would like, depending on the consistency you prefer.

Leave the house at some point during this process so you can be overwhelmed by the delicious smell when you return!

Confession: the apple sauce is still in the crock pot as we speak, and I haven’t actually tried it yet. But if it tastes anything like it smells…
Update: Ok, the apple sauce is done and I’ve tried it. It’s just as good as I had hoped. The lemon juice gives it a nice little tang. However, with all the lemon juice I probably didn’t need so much water; the apples were plenty juicy by themselves. The verdict: definitely making this again!

The finished product. It actually made somewhat more than a quart, but I put that in a bowl to eat with lunch!