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Sometimes I forget how much I enjoy creating things in the kitchen. When the school year is in full swing (and especially during these last 2 months), cooking becomes more of a chore, something necessary so that we can eat. I always have to be ahead of the game with planning and making sure I plan things that I will have enough time to cook. This week is Christmas break, though, and I am free to be a little more flexible. I didn’t decide what was for dinner today until about 3 o’clock, and I still had plenty of time to sort it all out. We had a delightful pot of soup with cheddar biscuits.

Have you ever had those ridiculously delicious cheese biscuits from Red Lobster? Seafood, I could take or leave–give me a plate of cheese biscuits. I know they’re not exactly slimming, but dang are they good. Since Red Lobster is 80 miles away, however, I have learned to make my own at home. In my opinion, they’re just about as good! Earlier this fall I found this recipe from The Purple Foodie. It’s pretty straightforward and simple:

1. Grate some cheese.


2. Mix up some flour, baking powder, garlic powder, salt, and butter. (P.S. Did you know you can mix in the butter with the KitchenAid instead of cutting it in with a pastry cutter? BONUS!)

3. Add that lovely shredded cheese, some oil, and some milk.


4. Mix it till it makes a lovely dough, like this:


5. Scoop it out onto a cookie sheet (I enjoyed using my cookie dough scoop for this) and bake in a 400-degree oven.


6. Brush with a mixture of melted butter, garlic powder and parsley.


7. Eat. Smile. Repeat.

Check out the full recipe (and prettier pictures) HERE!