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I see exciting new sewing projects in my future!  I just got this pattern:

And this one:

from my mom as a birthday present!  I’ve been drooling over Sewaholic Patterns for a while now, so I am pretty excited! I think I will make the Hollyburn Skirt first; I can always use another skirt to wear to school. (Well, honestly, I probably don’t need another skirt…but you know how it is.)

If the skirt pattern goes well, I might be able to use it this summer. I’ve been asked to teach a class on sewing a basic skirt pattern at our local quilt shop, and I think this just might fit the bill! I have never taught any sewing before, but I think I can do it. I have learned a lot in the past several years–some from following blogs and forums and reading things, and a lot just by trying new patterns and techniques! I’m excited to share what I know with others. AND, I think I will be compensated with store credit…so this is a good deal all around!