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I think some of the easiest recipes are those involving eggs…great for when you don’t feel like dealing with a chunk of meat! Quiche is fantastic because you can pretty much put in whatever you want or have on hand–different combinations of cheese, meat, and veggies can be delicious. I had a bag of cooked sausage in the freezer, leftover from making sausage biscuits months ago. It was actually about twice the amount of meat called for in the recipe, but it was delicious! Because it filled up the crust so much, I reduced milk/egg combo to 3 eggs and 9 oz. milk (I reduced the amount of milk by 1/4, since I used only 3 eggs instead of 4. Math is useful sometimes.)


In the oven, ready to cook. I hate covering the edges of a crust with foil, because I always do such a sloppy job, but I felt it was necessary to keep it from over-browning.

I’ve also been enjoyed mini sweet peppers–they’ve had them in the grocery store frequently and they are SO GOOD. I used to think I liked bell peppers and now I’m not sure I ever want to eat anything except sweet peppers…so they went into this concoction along with some onion, because onion makes everything more delicious. I wonder if you could throw in some garlic, too?

This recipe came from my grandma originally, and my mom told me that the original calls for 2 cups of milk or half-and-half. She has adjusted it a little…maybe my grandma had a bigger pan to cook it in, because I’m pretty sure that the specified amount would overflow my 9-inch pie pan.


1 9″ pie crust, baked
1 cup cooked ham, sausage, or bacon–use one or a combination
1 cup shredded cheese–cheddar, jack, swiss, whatever floats your boat
1 1/2 cups milk or half & half, or a combination of the two
4 eggs
Optional: 1/8 cup chopped bell peppers & 1/8 cup chopped onion, sauteed to tender-crisp

1. Sprinkle meat over baked crust, followed by pepper/onion mixture and cheese.
2. Combine milk and eggs, beating until just blended.
3. Pour gently over all in crust.
4. Sprinkle with paprika–optional
5. Bake a 350 degrees for 30 minutes or until center is set.
6. Let sit 10 minutes before slicing/serving.


Doesn’t that look delicious? (Believe me, it was)

Full disclosure: I used Pillsbury pie crust in this adventure. While I am fully capable of making pie crust (and, in fact, much prefer the home-made kind), it is not very practical to do when you come home from work and just want to get dinner on the table. If I’m making a pie for dessert, I pretty much always do it from scratch, but in this case, Pillsbury is an acceptable substitute to produce a delicious dinner in a reasonable amount of time.

P.S. Quiche is also fantastic because the leftovers make a great breakfast, lunch, OR dinner–I love multipurpose meals!