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We have a fantastic little quilt shop in my hometown here, and I always enjoy talking to the ladies that work there. Many of them are avid quilters, but don’t sew clothing nearly as much. (I have made one quilt, but clothing is definitely my forte.) A few months ago, one of the ladies that works there asked me if I’d have a look at an apron pattern. She got it to make it for her daughter, but the instructions were really confusing. She wanted me to look at it and see if I could figure it out.

Several months down the road, we finally got together and she gave me the pattern and we got some new fabric to give it a go. I took it home, read through the instructions a bajillion times, and gave it my best shot. Here are my thoughts.

The pattern:???????????????????????????????

Pretty cute idea. I made View A.

The result:


I love the fabric I used. It’s a quilt shop, so of course it was easy to pick fabric from a line that coordinated, but it’s still fun. I wasn’t planning on using any trim, but I just happened to have the matching turquoise rick-rack and I really like how that turned out. The style itself is really cute, and I liked how the gathering ended up enclosed withing the waistband.


Yes, yes I do realize that I look like I am about 14 when I wear my hair in braids.


Ummm, yeah…the instructions are confusing. I sew lots of clothing. I have sewn items of clothing way more complicated than this. But it took me some puzzling to figure out what some of the instructions were referring to. I think the problem was that the instructions are written sort of quilting-style, not like normal garment patterns. There were no pattern pieces, just instructions on how to fold and cut the fabric to get the right shapes. The things I was doing to put it together were actually things that I have done before and that I am familiar with, but they were stated oddly so that it took some thought before I realized what they were actually saying. Also, there were some parts that I just plain don’t think I would have done right if I hadn’t done similar things before.

Also, what is the point of 5 pockets? Or the 2 waistband ties on each side?

The biggest issue I see with this for most people (besides the confusing instructions) is that the bodice is proportioned oddly. Now, I found after I talked to the lady who I made this for that her daughter is proportioned much differently than I am, and this apron will probably work great for her. However…it looks kind of silly on me. I’d shorten up the bodice quite a bit if I made it for myself. It would be helpful if there were some sort of sizing involved to resolve this issue. You can see in the photos that when the waistband is tied at my waist, the bodice blouses hugely. I suppose you could tie the waistband lower, like down at the hips, but I don’t think that would look so great either.


Final verdict:

Kind of cute, but I don’t think I’ll be making it again. I have a feeling there are other patterns out there for this style that are probably better-written.