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I was trying to find an old photo of one of our family celebrations of the 4th of July, but no luck. So, instead, I thought I would introduce you to my favorite canines. (Because clearly, they have so much to do with our nation’s independence and all.)

This is Tove. I think she’s part Siberian husky, part Samoyed. My husband got her as a puppy, and she’s pretty awesome. Her name means something like “beautiful thunder” in Norse.

DSCF0230 DSCF0231 ???????????????????????????????She’s happy. What more can I say about that face?


This was when we went to cut a Christmas tree this year.


Wolf dog!

This is Rusty, my parents’ dog. Well, really, Rusty is my dog too; we got him when I was about 13 so it’s only since I moved away that now I feel like I can’t refer to him as “my dog” anymore. We love Rusty.


Rusty loves to fetch basically anything…and he isn’t gonna drop it till he’s good and ready.


Why yes, we did bury our dog in the sand at Grand Coulee Dam.


How can you resist that face?


Remember I said Rusty will fetch just about anything? That includes entire tree branches, if given half a chance. This happened when we were Christmas tree hunting one year. This is not an isolated incidence…Rusty has been known, when camping, to drag entire an entire log into camp, hoping someone will throw it for him.

Christmas2011 009

Rusty also loves it when my aunts send him toys at Christmas. He typically destroys them in under 15 minutes.


He looks so meek and mild-mannered…

Well, I’m off now…my parents are camping in the area and they probably have Rusty with them, so hopefully I will get some puppy-love today. If I don’t see Rusty, I know I’ll see Tove, so either way, there will be a dog happy to see me! (Isn’t that one of the best feelings?)