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One of my nieces turned one this past week. This seemed like an appropriate excuse to sew adorable baby clothes.

I chose an old pattern that my mom sewed several years ago (possibly for one of my cousins) and set off for JoAnns to do the delightful choosing of fabric. At first I was overwhelmed by all the options–when I’m shopping for clothing fabric for myself, I’m pretty limited in what types of fabric/designs/colors I want. But a dress for a 1-year-old? Pretty much everything I saw looked fantastic. Then I remembered that my niece had looked adorable in a little red outfit that she had, so I decided to go with red as a theme. This was the end result:

???????????????????????????????I don’t usually sew things with trim, but the pattern called for it and I actually think it adds a lot.  Sewing it on was kind of a pain because I did two rows of stitching, one on each side of the beads, to make it secure.


After my success with hand-picking the zipper on my Hollyburn skirt, I decided to try that technique here as well. I was too lazy to change thread colors, so I just decided to consider the visible red stitching as an intentional “effect.”

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I’m really please with the over-all look of the zipper, though. I must confess, the top lined up perfectly before I did the bias facing on the neckline. Maybe next time I should wait to insert the zipper at the end, when nothing else will affect it.

I flat-felled the side seams, just because I felt like it. I’m fond of enclosed seam finishes, but I don’t get to do them as often as I like. They don’t work so well on bulky or curved seams, and they’re a pain in the rear if you’re sewing a lot of long seams. However, the side seams here were short and straight and I got to indulge myself.

???????????????????????????????I hand-sewed the heart applique–I like how it made a heart pattern on the inside, too.

???????????????????????????????Lastly, the bloomers. For a kid that’s crawling all over the place, bloomers to go under the dress make perfect sense.???????????????????????????????

I was a little unsure of the sizing on these, and when I had them made up I thought the crotch depth looked like way too much. So I took a tuck of 2 inches and sewed it right under the waistline, where it wouldn’t be noticeable. I figured that way if she grows super fast that seam can just be ripped out and they’ll hopefully still fit.

???????????????????????????????I loved sewing this…it was fun to put together an outfit for someone besides myself!  And my niece is pretty much the cutest thing ever, so that didn’t hurt at all.