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At the beginning of August, I taught a class at our local quilt shop on this pattern. I had already tried out the pattern and made plenty of notes (see HERE), but I wanted to make it again before the class so it would be fresh in my mind. And…I kind of just wanted another skirt.

When I went fabric shopping at good old JoAnn’s, I ran into this delightful red/yellow/turquoise plaid shirting fabric and fell irrevocably in love with it. Feeling that plaid might be a questionable choice for such a full skirt, I did ask one of the JoAnn’s employees what she thought of the idea. She loved it, so I proceeded with slightly less trepidation…though I probably would have got it anyways!

Never having worked with plaids before, I immediately sought advice from the sewing world on the internet. To my relief, Tasia at Sewaholic took the mystery out of the process with her post “Matching Plaids: A Step-by-Step Guide.”  What it boiled down to was 3 hours spent pinning and cutting things–rather more time than I had planned to expend on what should have been a quick-and-simple project!

The time-consuming part was this:

???????????????????????????????Yeah, if you want to cut your pieces out on a double thickness, you have to first pin the fabric layers together so that they match exactly. This can take a while.

???????????????????????????????Especially since this (above) is only about half of what I had to pin (since I had two large skirt pieces plus a waistband to cut).  Then, of course, I had to carefully line up the pattern pieces themselves.

All this painstaking care was worth it, however, when I sewed my skirt seams.

???????????????????????????????That, my friends, is what matched plaids look like.

I was a little worried that the plaid would look funky as a skirt, but I’m really happy with how it turned out!


Also excited that I have shirts in my closet that match this skirt.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

It’s pretty full and floaty.


I kind of love it.


Check back soon to hear how the class went and see the results!