Mrs T. has a new home! Quite literally, actually. My husband and I bought a house last month and moved out of our rental. This is part of my excuse for why I haven’t updated my blog almost two months. (The fact that I am a music teacher and it is holiday season is the other part of my excuse. Multiple concerts and programs, both elementary and secondary, plus church commitments. It’s been a little crazy.)

We’re pretty excited to have our own place. When we got married, Mr. T (hee hee) moved in with me, in the apartment I’d been renting since I moved here. It was a pretty great little house, but we’ve had our eyes open for some time, looking for some place with a little more room and a yard and all that jazz. (Our poor dog has been living out at the ranch for quite  a while now, since we didn’t have a yard for her. ) When we saw this place for sale and heard the price, everything lined up and we knew we had a winner.

We moved in over Thanksgiving weekend (I had some time off from school to do that kind of stuff), and we’ve been happily settling in for the last month now. Here are a few pictures as a preview (more to come in future posts!):


Too bad that dishwasher doesn’t actually work…


I’m not wild about the color of my cabinets, but they have clearly been painted recently so at least they’re fresh and neat looking. Someday I will repaint them. I do like that I have a lot of cupboard space.


This is our new table and hutch. Well, new to us–actually we bought them on Craigslist. It’s so great to have the space of a full-sized table!