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When I was a kid, I hated eating oatmeal. It wasn’t so much the flavor, but the appearance…I thought it looked like barf.

Actually, objectively and honestly, I kind of still think it looks like barf. However, I have come to terms with the appearance of oatmeal and learned to appreciate its flavor…especially when you add things to it. Some of my favorite mix-ins are Craisins, brown sugar, maple syrup, apples & cinnamon, applesauce, pear sauce, cranberry sauce….basically any fruit.  I make quick oats in the microwave now….1/3 cup oatmeal, 2/3 cup water, nuke it for a minute and add some extras.

This post isn’t really about quick oats, though. I would like to share with you my new favorite oatmeal, that I could probably eat every day. It’s more delicious and more satisfying than my usual oatmeal, and only takes a little longer to make. It’s PEANUT BUTTER BANANA OATMEAL. I mean, I love peanut butter and bananas. I even like bananas in oatmeal. So why not combine them?

This is the original recipe. 

Please go read it and look at the beautiful pictures. They will convince you that you need to make this for breakfast tomorrow.

However, the original poster includes some weird ingredients like “non-dairy butter” (seriously? does such a thing exist?) and “chia seeds.” (ummm…what?) This is my more basic version with stuff that normal people (read: ME) actually have in their cupboards. (Which pretty much just means I ignored the non-dairy and the chia seeds and did everything else. Also, this is a slightly more normal sized portion. 1/2 cup of oatmeal, dry, makes a much larger amount than I usually eat for breakfast.)

1. Melt about a teaspoon of butter in a pot over medium heat. Slice up half a banana and mush it around in the butter until it’s all soft and caramelized (takes a couple of minutes).

2. Add a dollop of peanut butter (I don’t measure it…I just take a nice hearty spoonful), 1/3 cup dry rolled oats, 2/3 cup milk (OR WATER….I didn’t have milk the other day and water worked just fine). You can also add a pinch of salt, but I keep forgetting to do that and it still turns out all right. Stir it all up and cook over medium heat for 5 minutes or so, until it’s all smooth and the oatmeal is cooked through.  Scoop it into a bowl and add any or all of the following (or just eat it the way it is, ’cause that’s pretty great too): maple syrup, chopped nuts, a little bit of vanilla extract, cinnamon, more peanut butter, or whatever else your heart desires.

Sorry there are no photos of this creation. The light it my kitchen at 7 am is not great, and I ate all the oatmeal before I thought of photographing it…oops. Let that be the recommendation for this recipe!