I’m pretty sure the only curtains that ever hung in my parents’ house that weren’t homemade were the heavy drapes we used to have in the living room. (Those are long gone, now replaced by much nicer blinds.) My mom has always outfitted every room in curtains she sews herself, and has for as long as I can remember. When I was little, I had at least 3 dresses made from old sets of curtains. My particular favorite was made with blue fabric that had hung in my parents’ bedroom–it had little white flowers and eyelet lace trim, and my mom made it into a full-skirted dress with little puffy sleeves. That dress made me happy!

When it was time to get new curtains in our bedrooms, Mom let us choose the fabric. I remember one particularly unfortunate choice of hot pink fabric decorated with cats. Those curtains didn’t stay up long–they made my room a constant shade of pink that felt a little weird.

My 15th birthday present from my parents was to re-decorate my room. Thrilled to have a blank slate, I chose purpley-blue walls with sea-green trim and a floral border. I actually still really like the wall color and even the wallpaper border, but I kind of wonder what I was thinking with that green trim. However, my favorite part was (and still is) the white eyelet curtains that my mom made to my specifications, with a valance and everything. I still admire them every time I go home!  If I could, I think I’d hang white eyelet curtains everywhere in my house.

Now we have a new house and plenty of blank windows to decorate. A few had to be taken care of right away–I did not want to leave my living room and bedroom windows without any coverings until my life slowed down enough to make curtains. We got some plain, cream-colored curtains at Target for the living room, and light-blocking ones for the bedroom (my husband often works a night shift and sleeps during the day).

With the madness of the holidays over, I finally had a chance to visit JoAnn’s with my mom for the important task of fabric selection. I have to say, I was pretty proud of myself for how fast I made my fabric choices–and I really like all of them.  Curtains are super easy to sew–once you figure out where to cut for the right-sized panels (thank you, Mom, for doing the math for me), it’s just a matter of hemming and casings. All straight lines…I rarely get to sew so quickly!

Here are the results:

Kitchen valance


Isn’t this striped fabric delightful? It looks like old-fashioned wall paper.

Bathroom–this will be changing slightly. The white valance was here in the house when we moved in, but it doesn’t really work well with the new curtains. We’re actually going to take that down and put up a valance made with matching blue fabric.

DSCF0583Sewing room/music room/still don’t know what to call this room:


The green print kind of matches my sewing machine. Totally unintentional!

DSCF0582I love my new curtains! They make the rooms look so much more finished. I still have a couple of blinds lying around that I need to put up on various windows, but overall, things are starting to come together and have less of a “just-moved-in” feel!