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I’ve been a bit absent on this blog lately. Somewhere in the middle of the school year I just lost my motivation…I think it was around the time I was cast in a play and started driving 60 miles round trip multiple times a week for rehearsals! However, that’s all over and done now, school is winding down, and I’ve got some things to share with you!

Despite all the different things I like to try with sewing, I haven’t sewn with knits much.  My only foray into the land of stretchy fabric was this dress I made several years ago:



I’m not sure why I haven’t done more with knits, since this project was very successful–it fit beautifully, went together easily, I love how it looks and feels, and I still wear it! (In fact, looking at this picture, I kind of want to make another dress off that pattern now…)

All that has changed, now, though! I’ve cherished dreams of making Sewaholic’s Renfrew top ever since the pattern was released. This winter, Sewaholic had a nice pattern sale, so I seized the moment and ordered the pattern.

It really was fun and pretty simple to sew. I know there are various techniques for sewing with knits, but the one that has worked best for me is just using the stretch stitch on my machine. It slows down your sewing a bit, since it double- or triple-stitches each stitch, but I like the end result and it feels very secure. I don’t have a serger or anything special like that, but I’m quite happy with what I can produce using my good old Sears Kenmore.

I used a lightweight red striped print from JoAnn Fabrics. I’ve been really attracted to reds lately. Forgive the imperfect pictures–they were the best I could do on my self-timer on the camera!DSCF0595DSCF0597I’m quite happy with my new shirt. It’s a little big–I went with a straight size 12 according to my measurements but I’m beginning to see (after making Renfrew, Cambie, and Hollyburn) that I’m a bit smaller than a Sewaholic 12. However, I actually like the relaxed fit on this shirt. It’s soft and comfortable–it doesn’t need to be totally fitted.

DSCF0596I like that the sleeves come down past my wrists. I despise sleeves that are too short.

DSCF0599In the above picture you can see how baggy the shirt is in the sleeve area. I think when I make this again I will take it in somewhat at the sleeve seams and the side seams and see if I can make a more fitted version.

DSCF0594Forgive the slightly awkward pose here. Just wanted to show how it looks with my yellow scarf! I’ve actually worn this combination several times–I like the bright colors.

I really like this pattern and I definitely foresee using it again in the future. It’s so versatile! I like being able to sew more basic, everyday garments, and this fits the bill perfectly. Maybe next time I will try the V-neck option.