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Buying a house comes with many new responsibilities, but one that I am most excited about is having our own yard and garden.  I’ve always wanted to have a nice, well-cared for lawn and to grow my own flowers and vegetables. This house has plenty of opportunity for that!

When we moved in last November it was clear that nothing much had been done with the yard lately, but it was too late in the season (and we were too busy) to do much about it. You could see that there was a time when the yard (and all the flowerbeds) had been carefully taken care of, but as the weather warmed up this spring it was all a bit weedy and unkempt. I actually took a day off from school and got some extra help from my parents to strike the first blow against the enormous quantity of weeds. I’m pretty sure we filled the back of my husband’s pickup with weeds…and that doesn’t even count the load of branches and such that came from trimming bushes. I went to bed that night exhausted but satisfied to have made such a good start. Since then I’ve been out to the greenhouse a few times and spent a little more time digging the weeds around here and I’m excited to share my results so far!

Here is the vegetable garden in the back yard:


In the back is a large rhubarb plant and a raspberry bush. Front right, strawberries. Far right, looks like empty dirt–lettuce. Middle, tomatoes. Left, green peppers. Far left (seeded but not sprouted yet), cucumbers.


Close-up of the tomatoes and peppers.

Before we set to work, this bed was completely weeds. It’s so much nicer now! The only downside is…it’s about time to go out and weed it again! Fortunately it rained yesterday so I think it should go pretty easily.

My lettuce is already coming up!

DSCF0815I just love garden lettuce. It makes eating salad so much more appealing!

Here are some pics from the front yard:


I kind of like this twisted dead tree. It’s mysterious and interesting-looking.


I wondered for quite a while what this lovely flower was. Thanks to the research of a friend, I now can tell you that it is Heartleaf Bergenia. It was really beautiful when it first bloomed, and had a wonderful scent!


This is some kind of verbena.


The flower bed from another angle.


No garden is complete without a geranium somewhere!


Yellow portulaca or moss roses.



DSCF0818This is another flower bed in the front yard:


Earlier in spring, this bed had orange tulips and yellow daffodils blooming. Gorgeous! I’ve planted some cosmos…I hope they come up!


I think this is some variety of “hen and chicks.”

Altogether, I’m pretty pleased with my garden so far. Now I just have to stay on top of the weeding so it doesn’t end up like it was before!