It’s a little embarrassing to realize I haven’t posted since July. I have no real excuse. Well, maybe a little bit of an excuse. You see, in June I found out I’m pregnant…which is lovely and very exciting, but not very conducive to taking photos of me wearing clothing I have sewn. Most of which does not currently fit me. I have a new Archer that never got photographed, and I think there’s something else as well, but beats me if I can remember it today. I also have an adorable baby sweater I knitted for a cousin that I photographed but never posted about. And I really haven’t done any clothing-sewing lately…it seems a bit pointless!

As for why no cooking posts…well, there I really do have no excuse. Just pure laziness! But over this Christmas break I’ve really been wanting to get back into blogging and so here I am, all set with a new project!

Ever since finding out I was pregnant, I wanted to make something for the baby. Since we’re not finding out whether we’re having a boy or a girl, I couldn’t make any cute little clothes. So I decided this would be a great excuse to make a quilt, something I’ve been wanting to do for ages. I’ve only made one quilt before, a wedding present for a good friend.


It was a very basic pattern and I had a lot of help and advice from the ladies at the quilt shop where I got all the supplies. I didn’t mind the expense at the time, especially since it was a wedding present. But as someone who’s used to the smaller scale of garment-sewing projects, the price of a quilt from beginning to end, including all the supplies (rotary cutter, mat, etc.) is a little overwhelming. I mean, I know when I sew clothing the cost tallies up just the same…fabric isn’t cheap, nor are patterns. But it’s a smaller chunk at each time, instead of one big purchase and then a project that you work on for weeks/months. So I’ve always wanted to do a little more quilting, but never really wanted to spend that kind of money.

But after a while, all those garment projects build up quite a nice pile of scraps that really aren’t big enough to use in clothing projects. They’re too big to just toss, though, so they sit there taking up space. What better use for a bunch of my fabric scraps than a scrap quilt for Baby T?  Quilt problem solved. Admittedly, it will lean a little more toward the feminine side, since most of the fabric was bought to make clothing for me. But oh well.

I had some help from my sister-in-law with the planning and cutting on this project (quilting cutting, squaring up the fabric, measurements…ugh, it is harder for me than it should be. I like clothing patterns so much better…). I decided to use the Yellow Brick Road pattern by Atkinson designs. Which, now that I look at it, is a lot like the pattern I used for my other quilt! But I didn’t want to do anything very complicated, pattern-wise. Just something simple, especially since I have a limited amount of time to complete this project! (Till the end of February, that is.)


It’s been nice having something to work on in bits and pieces over evenings and weekends this fall. Then, Christmas came, along with a lovely 2-week break from school, and I decided to really put some time into it. I’ve now finished the quilt top, with the border, and I just need to get some batting before I consult with my sister-in-law on putting it all together and quilting it. (I’ve never actually quilted anything…my other quilt, I took the cheater’s route and just tied it.)  Here’s a sneak preview:


I’ll post more (and better!) pictures when I’m finished. You can see there isn’t much rhyme or reason with the colors and fabrics…I didn’t have a lot of choice, since I had to work with the pieces that I had. You might recognize the fabric from my Hollyburn skirt in there, as well as the red fabric from the dress I made for my niece last summer. Most of the other fabrics are from older projects that were never blogged here. I rather like how it all looks together, though. The only fabric I purchased was the grey dot for the border (that will be the backing as well). I wanted to tie it all together with something neutral-ish and non-gender-specific (to counteract some of the more flowery fabrics). Also, there are two polka-dot fabrics in the main quilt, so it kind of ties in with those.

I’m very pleased with this project and excited to get it all put together, hopefully sooner rather than later. I’m also excited to be posting something on my blog once again…hopefully I won’t completely fall off the radar again once the end of February hits!