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I haven’t quite got back to posting regularly, but this is a gap of only 2 months or so instead of 6, so that’s progress, right?


Anyways, I finished my quilt and I love the final product!


Don’t worry about the disembodied hand; I brought the quilt down to the quilt shop to show it off and one of the ladies there was helping me hold it up from behind while my friend Bonnie took a picture.

It’s a lot bigger than I originally envisioned, but that’s ok–it will have many years of usefulness, instead of just being a baby-sized blanket! I love how the random combination of colors worked out, too. I didn’t have a grand color scheme, I just used whatever pieces I had around that I could cut to the right size. Still, there are a few things that tie it together–several different reds and blues, a couple of different fabrics with polka dots, and some combinations that were planned originally to go together (because I originally bought those fabrics together).

I am also unreasonably pleased with the fact that I made this whole project for $27.  Most of the fabric I already had, of course. I did have to make a trip to JoAnns for the border/binding/backing fabric (I used the same grey dot print for all 3). With a coupon, that came to $25. Then I spent $2 at the thrift shop for an old sheet to use for batting (I wanted to keep the whole thing pretty lightweight).

My sister-in-law helped me with putting everything together. We basted the layers together with some awesome spray-basting stuff–I don’t remember what it was called but it was infinitely better than using safety pins, which is what I did with my last quilt. It did take longer than expected to get all the layers nice and flat, but I think that would be a challenge no matter what. I decided to keep the quilting simple–I just stitched in the ditch along the big seams where the blocks went together. We originally thought of maybe stippling the border, but after a little practice at that I realized it would take way more time than I was interested in spending. Straight lines might be boring, but they’re quick and easy!

DSCF1263Or at least semi-straight lines. You can see my piecing was not perfect in some places because my corners don’t match exactly. This is probably mainly a product of the fact that I don’t have a quarter-inch foot for my machine and my estimation of exactly where 1/4″ lies is not perfect. I should fix that, someday. In this case, it’s not enough to bother me.

DSCF1260Of course, after I finished this project (over Christmas break), I had 2 baby showers and got a bunch of lovely hand-made baby blankets from other people. Maybe I should have planned a different kind of project? But I’m not sorry. I loved making it and I hope to use it for years!