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One thing I really enjoyed after having a baby was getting back to my old wardrobe. I was fortunate enough to fit into my old clothes pretty quickly, and after not wearing them for months it was like having a closet full of new things. I’m actually still enjoying that, though I ran into an unexpected hurdle when packing my suitcase to go to a wedding in June. I have a closet full of lovely, summery, wedding-appropriate dresses, most of which I haven’t worn in over a year. But alas, most of them are destined to remain hanging in the closet until next summer for one small reason–I’m breastfeeding. My dresses all fit me just fine, but they mostly zip up the back or are otherwise unsuited for feeding a baby without having to completely undress.

So, I found a nice skirt and top for the wedding a moved on with life. Then I had the same problem for another wedding in July. I ended up wearing the same top with a different skirt. Now I am looking ahead to another wedding in September, and feeling frustrated by my options. Sure, I can wear a skirt/top combination again, but I never feel as dressed up in those outfits as in a pretty dress, and I can’t wear any of my pretty dresses. Dang.

OH WAIT. I have a sewing machine that’s been woefully neglected for the last year and 3 weeks of summer vacation left. Why did it take me so long to come up with this solution? Rarely do I have such a good excuse to make myself new clothes and here I am, ignoring the perfect opportunity!

Yaletown Dress and Blouse by Sewaholic Patterns - Envelope Cover

So I got right on that and ordered Sewaholic’s Yaletown Dress and Blouse, which is a beautiful, floaty wrap-style dress with the option to make a blouse. It will make a lovely dress for my cousin’s wedding as well as any other dressy occasions I encounter in the next several months. Or even just to wear to work, if I feel like it. I like the blouse option, too–it’s so pretty and drapey. It would be nice to have a dressier blouse.

Here’s the dress (photo taken from the Sewaholic pattern shop):

Yaletown dress view A

And here’s the blouse (photo taken from Sewaholic pattern shop):

Yaletown dress view A

I’m still waiting for the pattern to get in, but in the meantime I’ll be going to town on Monday to pick out fabric. It’s so exciting to have a new project to plan for!